Know The Load Profile At Any Point In The Distribution System


  • Collect and analyze load profiles
  • Patented open CT sensor with ±1% accuracy
  • Easily clamps to the line in seconds
  • Recorded data quickly downloads into the user's PC


The Amcorder uses the same sensor technology as the original Ampstik. The True RMS inductive sensor does not use magnetic materials and has no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are electronically rejected. The accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured by the patented amp sensor substantially exceed the performance of the best clamp-on sensors. The key feature of the unit is the ability to leave it deployed on the line to record average current readings every 15 minutes for 30+ days. It easily attaches to the line with a standard shotgun style hot-stick. Once on the line, it immediately begins to collect and record the current load on the line. 

An Amcorder is equipped with an infrared serial port for communicating the recorded data into the user's PC. The data is downloaded through SensorLink's Softlink software, which allows the user to download, view and query the data stored on the Amcorder. 

The housing of the Amcorder is made of urethane and is built to operate safely, even in severe utility environments. It is resistant to shock, repels water and is unsusceptible to flame. It also operates within a wide temperature range. The Amcorder has a urethane carabiner latch assembly, which allows it to hang on the line securely in all weather conditions. 

Softlink is a user-friendly software interface that allows the user to download, view, graph and export data from the Amcorder into Microsoft Excel. The data directly transfers from the Amcorder into Excel through an Infrared Port. Microsoft Excel not included.

Softlink Software Download

Amcorder Models