High Voltage Probes To Measure Primary Waveforms With A Power Analyzer

Volt Litewire

  • The ultimate power quality tool from 120 volts to 40kV
  • Determine frequency, power, harmonics, sags & swells, transients, and inrush
  • Maintain power systems and troubleshoot power problems
  • Download Waveforms to a scope or analyzer


The Litewire is a true RMS meter designed for use by electric utilities to sense currents or voltage waveforms from the primary side of their distribution networks.

Both the Amp Litewire and the Volt Litewire are True RMS meters that sense on the primary voltage lines.. The signals are digitized, isolated and sent down to ground potential on their non-conductive fiber optic cables.

At ground, the digital signal is converted to an analog signal. These signals show up on a LCD display as well as an analog output. The analog output is the unique feature of this instrument. It is a reproduction of the high voltage current or voltage waveform, accurate to approximately the 50th harmonic, and is available as a 0-2 volt AC signal at ground. This allows the use of many sophisticated low voltage instruments, such as scopes, waveform acquisition recorders, Power Quality analyzers, and other analysis instruments which would previously not be usable at high voltage

The fiber optic cable is physically rugged, while providing the high speed data path required for digital waveform transmission from the sensor to the display unit. It also is the high voltage insulator between the two units and is tested to provide 100 kV isolation per foot.

Volt Litewire Models