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Safely take accurate current measurements when performing high voltage live-line load checks for balancing, switching, or breaking load.

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We've implemented years of feedback into our new designs to provide Linemen the confidence to make safe field decisions. Ready to ship.



Adapting to the end user needs 

SensorLink has revamped its lineup of products in the AMP and VOLT measurement market.

Products Upgrades: 

  • Weight Reduction

  • Modern Viewing Display

  • Direction of Flow

  • Increased Measurement Range

  • Ease of Use Improvements

















  • Measures .5 to 5000 Amps with +/-1% accuracy
  • Measures in low voltage up to 500 kV
  • Sample, hold, and review four unique measurements
  • Backlit LCD for low-light environments. 

Ampstik®+ Product Page

Ampstik®+ Datasheet

Ampstik®+ Drop Test Video











New Display

Redesigned receiver for use with our Radio Amp and Volt tools. 



Radio Voltstik

  • Accurate measurements from 1 - 37 kV
  • Single stick user operation
  • Remote display for safe reading verification
  • Display holds four unique readings 

Radio Voltstik Product Page

Troubleman's Kit Product Page

Radio Voltstik Datasheet

Radio Ampstik

  • Measures .5 to 5000 Amps with +/-1% accuracy
  • Radio display with 50’ range
  • Display holds four unique readings
  • Remote display for safe reading verification 

Radio Ampstik Product Page

Troubleman's Kit Product Page

Radio Ampstik Datasheet



















Easy to Operate

The Radio Receiver gives accurate information for all users working with low, medium, and high voltage. This instrument is easy to use and provides correct answers, giving line personnel the confidence to make immediate decisions while working and troubleshooting in the field.

Backlit LCD will automatically power on when the ambient light is low. This feature enables users to better view readings on the display in low-light situations.









Amp Litewire

Measure primary current waveforms. This probe provides waveform analysis, which are otherwise incapable of measuring primary distribution in high voltage








Amp Litewire

  • Connects to low voltage analyzer
  • Output current for waveform analysis of primary conductors
  • Allows low voltage analyzers to monitor high voltage waveforms
  • Fiber optic cable brings signal to ground

Amp Litewire Product Page

Amp Litewire Datasheet







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