Check current before working

Radio Ampstik®

  • Remote radio display up to 50 feet away
  • Measures 1 – 5000 Amps with 1% accuracy
  • Measures in voltage environments of 0 - 69 kV
  • Holds up to four unique readings
  • Operates in a non-licensed radio frequency band

The Radio Ampstik uses the same current sensor technology as the original Ampstik. The key feature of this unit is the ability to display the current reading up to 50 feet from the sensor on the remote receiver. The user has the option to hold the receiver in their hands, mount it to a hot stick or hang it on the bucket.

The current sensor is based on the SensorLink amp inductive sensor, which does not use magnetic materials and has no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected. The sensor is not position sensitive; just slip the Radio Ampstik over a conductor to take a measurement.

The current sensor on the Radio Ampstik is designed with a 2.5 inch opening. The sensor is durable and able to accurately measure from 1 to 5000 amps.

There is a single button to navigate the receiver. The user is able to switch between modes by holding the button. The modes include: RUN, HOLD, ERASE and Power Off.

In the RUN mode, the receiver shows the current measurement and continues to update the reading three times per second.

The user can hold up to four readings by pressing and releasing the switch on the display. The user is then able to to review each of the recorded readings. Using the hold mode makes it easy to record the measurement for further review.

The Radio Ampstik is the labor saving instrument that every utility personnel will find essential.  The combined abilities of being able to easily store and retrieve data, while allowing the user to place the display wherever it is most useful, makes the Radio Ampstik the best answer for quality instrumentation.

Radio Ampstik® Models