Accurately And Safely Troubleshoot Voltage Problems


  • Safely & accurately measure the primary voltage
  • Non-conductive meter case & universal adaptor
  • Remote display for instant confirmation of the reading & holds up to four unique readings  
  • Take Phase-to-Phase & Phase-to-Ground measurements via single stick operation  


The Voltstik is a distribution voltage voltmeter designed for use on lines and in substations. This meter is employed onto a line by using a hot stick and universal chuck adapter. It is capable of measuring voltage phase to phase, and phase to ground. This high impedance instrument is an excellent choice for solving multiple problems associated with operating a medium voltage system. Its key applications are defined under three groups, safety confirmation of the voltage present, troubleshooting voltage problems, and phasing.

Trouble shooting Voltage Problems
The Voltstik provides the ability for the user to measure the potential of any two points within a medium voltage distribution system. Voltage drop along a line can be measured or a check of phase to ground voltage on the primary side of a voltage complaint can determine if the cause belongs to the utility or the customer.

The most common use for measuring voltage in a distribution system is measuring the phase to phase voltage. In the past, this has been performed with a dedicated instrument called a “Phasing Set”. The SensorLink Voltstik offers advantages to the traditional methods. The Voltstik has an accuracy rating of ±1% ,while most phasing sets can only read the approximate voltage. 

The universal hot stick adaptor and internal structure of the Voltstik are made of a long, glass, fiber reinforced, thermoplastic polyurethane called Celstran®. This space-age polymer is non-conductive and extremely strong. The cable used to make the two point connection is rated at 40,000 volts DC, with a breakdown voltage of 80,000 volts DC. The housing is made of urethane and built to operate safely, even in severe utility environments. 

The only points on the entire meter that conduct a signal are the two ends. This design is the safest method to make a two-point voltage measurement. 

The Remote display gives the user instant confirmation of the reading. The user has the option to hold the display in their hands or mount it to a hot stick.

The display shows the voltage measurement and continues to update the reading three times per second using a non-licensed 900 MHz radio. The display features a five-digit display that shows full scale1-volt resolution. While in the HOLD mode the display will hold up to four readings. This handy display allows the user to keep both eyes and hands on the task of taking the measurement.

Voltstik Models