High Voltage Ammeter Probe

Amp Litewire

  • Primary distribution probes for CT ratio testing
  • Supplies an analog output for waveform analysis
  • Fiber Optic Isolation cable brings the signal to ground
  • Compatible with most portable test analyzers


The Amp Litewire is a True RMS high voltage rated ammeter designed to measure True RMS curent on the primary side of a distribution network. The sensor probe is attached to an insulated hot stick and positioned onto the medium or high voltage line. A fiber optic cable connects the sensor probe to a receiver unit at ground potential, which delivers the current waveform measurement as an analog output to a meter analyzer.

The analog output is a reproduction of the high voltage current waveform, accurate to the 50th harmonic, and available as a 0-2 volt AC signal at ground. This probe provides utilties the ability to use one of many sophisticated low voltage scopes, waveform acquisition recorders, analyzers, or other analysis instruments, which are otherwise not capable of analyzing measurements in primary distribution and high voltage environments.

The fiber optic cable is physically rugged, while providing a high speed data path required for digital waveform transmission. This cable is also the high voltage insulator between the two units, and is specified to provide 100 kV isolation per foot.

The sensor probe has no moving parts and does not require clamping onto the wire. The molded urethane housing is water resistant and will withstand high physical impact.