Radio Based Ammeter & Voltmeter

Troubleman’s Kit

  • Measure both Amps & Volts on Primary Distribution Circuits
  • Two Probes, One Remote Display with 1% Accuracy for both Amps & Volts
  • One Volt Resolution to 37,000 Volts 
  • .5 Amp Resolution to 5,000 Amps
  • Troubleshoot Problems on Distribution Circuits  


The SensorLink Troubleman's Kit consists of the Radio Ampstik and the radio-based Voltstik. These instruments are designed to assist the modern day electric utility troubleshooter in resolving problems in their low and medium distribution circuits. 

Troubleshooting Voltage Problems
The Voltstik allows the user to measure the potential of any two points within a medium voltage distribution system. Voltage drop along a line can be measured or a check of phase to ground voltage on both the primary and secondary voltages. It can determine if the cause belongs to the utility or the customer.

The most common use for measuring voltage in a distribution system is measuring the phase to phase voltage. In the past, this has been performed with a dedicated instrument called a "Phasing Set", which involves two men and two hot sticks. The SensorLink Voltstik offers advantages to the traditional method. The Voltstik was designed for a one-man crew, allowing a single user to safely take the phasing measurement.

The universal hotstick adaptor and internal structure of both the Ampstik and Voltstik are made of a long, glass, fiber reinforced, thermoplastic polyurethane called Celstran®. This space-age polymer is non-conductive and extremely strong. 

Remote Display
The display shows the amp or voltage measurement and continues to update the reading three times per second using a non-licensed 900 MHz radio. The Remote display gives the user instant confirmation of the reading. The user has the option to hold the display in their hands or mount it to their hotstick. The display also features a five-digit display that shows full scale one amp or volt resolution. While in the HOLD mode, the display will hold up to four readings for both amps and volts. This practical and useful display allows the user to keep both eyes and hands on the task of taking the measurement.