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Voltstik Extension Cable Rating

SensorNote 301: Operation notes for safety and productivity

The Extension Cable used in conjunction with the SensorLink®  Radio Voltstik has the highest dielectric characteristics of any comparable product used to measure phase-to-phase in the electric utility.

SensorLink Molded Housing Dimensions

SensorNote 109: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Molded Housing Dimensions for both the Standard XT and Wide Jaw Ampstiks, Qualstiks, and Ohmstiks.

Bypass voltage regulators with the Radio Voltstik

SensorNote 303: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Removing or installing a voltage regulator requires line workers to closely follow procedures to make certain the regulator will not short circuit and create a dangerous situation. Using a precision voltmeter to view the live-line voltage, while verifying the neutral and step indicators, eliminates uncertainty of the measurements.


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