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We've implemented years of feedback into our new designs to provide Linemen the confidence to make safe field decisions. Use the NEW Ampstik®+ to safely take accurate current measurements when performing high voltage live-line load checks for balancing, switching, or breaking load. Ready to ship in 2023.

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SensorLink Molded Housing Dimensions

SensorNote 109: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Molded Housing Dimensions for both the Standard XT and Wide Jaw Ampstiks, Qualstiks, and Ohmstiks.

Voltstik Extension Cable Rating

SensorNote 301: Operation notes for safety and productivity

The Extension Cable used in conjunction with the SensorLink®  Radio Voltstik has the highest dielectric characteristics of any comparable product used to measure phase-to-phase in the electric utility.

Installing SensorLink's Softlink V3.0 and higher with Windows 10

SensorNote 605: Operation notes for safety and productivity

The SensorLink® Amcorder and Varcorder communicate directly to Softlink via an IrDA port. With optional Transcorders attached to the recorder, the operator may communicate to the units in the field via point-to-point Radio to Softlink. Softlink operates on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It installs on the user’s local computer and is not a server based application.

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