SensorLink Product Resiliency

The status of global supply chain has been uncertain and is affecting manufacturing across all industries. These disruptions are projected to continue through this year as the backlogs catch up to meet demand.

Foreseeing supply issues early on, our team has been persistent to maintain stock of critical parts to ensure deliveries to all customers. The efforts have guaranteed our ability to meet forecasted sales for product through 2022 and into 2023. Our lead times are standard for Ampstiks, Qualstiks, Ohmstiks, and Recorders.

If you have any inquiries or order needs feel free to reach out to us.

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Measuring on bare, insulated, and shielded conductors

SensorNote 915: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Hot line measurement tools are designed to take precise readings on live conductors, in low to high voltage environments. It is important to identify the construction of the conductor when taking reliable and accurate measurements.

Measuring Current on Underground Cables

SensorNote 110: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Frequently asked questions on how to measure current on underground cables with the SensorLink Ampstik.

Bypass voltage regulators with the Radio Voltstik

SensorNote 303: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Removing or installing a voltage regulator requires line workers to closely follow procedures to make certain the regulator will not short circuit and create a dangerous situation. Using a precision voltmeter to view the live-line voltage, while verifying the neutral and step indicators, eliminates uncertainty of the measurements.


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