Bypass voltage regulators with the Radio Voltstik

SensorNote 303: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Removing or installing a voltage regulator requires line workers to closely follow procedures to make certain the regulator will not short circuit and create a dangerous situation. Using a precision voltmeter to view the live-line voltage, while verifying the neutral and step indicators, eliminates uncertainty of the measurements.

Measuring on bare, insulated, and shielded conductors

SensorNote 915: Operation notes for safety and productivity

Hot line measurement tools are designed to take precise readings on live conductors, in low to high voltage environments. It is important to identify the construction of the conductor when taking reliable and accurate measurements.

Installing SensorLink's Softlink V3.0 and higher with Windows 10

SensorNote 605: Operation notes for safety and productivity

The SensorLink® Amcorder and Varcorder communicate directly to Softlink via an IrDA port. With optional Transcorders attached to the recorder, the operator may communicate to the units in the field via point-to-point Radio to Softlink. Softlink operates on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It installs on the user’s local computer and is not a server based application.