Data Logging with the Amcorder

SensorNote 601: Operation notes for safety and productivity

How many Log intervals are available in the Amcorder?

There are 64,000 log intervals available in the Amcorder.

What is the Sample Interval and Log Interval

The Sample Interval is how often the Amcorder reads the current on the conductor. The Amcorder will hold the sample current readings until it reaches the Log Interval, at which time the Amcorder will take and average the sample measurements. This average becomes the logged data point.

How long will the Amcorder Log Data?

The length of the Log Interval determines the length of time an Amcorder will take to use all of the available logged data points. See the adjacent chart for the number of days it will take to fill an Amcorder with data, based on various Log Intervals. In most cases the Amcorder is limited by battery life more than recording capacity.

amcorder log interval

How long will the Amcorder battery last?

The expected battery life of an Amcorder is determined by the Sample Interval and the ambient temperature. Fresh, non-rechargeable, batteries are required so the reliability and life of the battery can be easily predicted. Predicting the life of rechargeable batteries is uncertain, especially after several recharges. The Lithium batteries recommended are commonly referred to as long-life smoke detector batteries and  sell by the brand names UltraLife and Energizer. The following Table indicates the expected battery life at 68° F or 20° C.

Amcorder sample interval

Is there a difference in brands of Alkaline Batteries?

Our review of the published specifications for alkaline batteries shows them to be about the same. The main issue for Alkaline batteries is the date of manufacture. The batteries will discharge when just sitting on the shelf. SensorLink recommends Alkaline batteries start with a voltage of at least 9.2 volts to insure proper run times.


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