Installing SensorLink's Softlink V3.0 and higher with Windows 10

SensorNote 605: Operation notes for safety and productivity


Softlink is a single user application and is not supported when installed onto a server.


Installation will require administration rights. Computers managed by electric utility organizations often limit the programs that can be installed. If the user does not have admin rights they will need the assistance of the IT department to download the software.


The USB IrDA has an install program that runs the first time it is connected. The user may have rights to install programs but may not be aware that the USB ports are locked on the PC. Please contact your network administrator for permission and instructions to complete the install if the drivers are not installing automatically.


.NET is a Windows protocol that allows software like Softlink to be developed to a standard that can be authorized to carry the Windows safety protocol. All SensorLink software carries this Windows license. An internet connection will be required if the operating system has not been updated with the latest .NET protocol. Softlink will automatically install the latest version of .NET once there is an internet connection.


Microsoft Windows updated IrDA protocol, which required the SensorLink dongle to update in order to work with the new protocol functions. Compatible Actisys IrDA has a "TA" leading before the serial number. The "TA" indicates the USB IrDA has the chipset to function with Windows 10. IrDA devices without the preceding "TA" will not function properly with Windows 10 and Softlink 3.0x.

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