Amp LiteWire

Fiber optic linked sensor, analog output, 4" opening*
Model #

Fiber Optic Coupled Ammeter

Range of Operation
Current 1-2000 True RMS Amps
Voltage Environment up to 150 kV
Accuracy ±1.5%
Frequency: 60Hz (57 to 63) or 50 Hz (47 to 53 Hz) Models available

Amp Sensor Opening
Wide Sensor Opening Width: 3.86 in, 9.84 cm

1-199.9 A:  0.1 A
200 - 2000 A: 1 A

Analog Output
1 mv RMS per amp on both the low range and high range
Output connector is BNC. No DC offset voltage
Output impedance
6000 ohms, minimum

Frequency Response
3000 Hz or to the 50th Harmonic

Fiber Optic Cable
Length 40’, 12.19 m
Isolation 100 kV per foot, 500 kV max

Wide Sensor Weight: 6.0 lbs, 2.73 kg
Housing: Shock & water resistant molded urethane
Hot stick Mounting: Universal chuck adapter (hot stick not included)
Battery: Two each 9V alkaline or lithium; one per unit
Battery Life: Minimum 4 hours of continuous use
Operating temperature: -22° to +140° F, -30° to +60° C
Lithium battery required for use below -4°F, -20° C
Display: None; unit must be connected to a power quality analyzer